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This category contains stuff I found. A scrapbook of bad dreams if you will.

Dale’s dream

Just found this film by Dale Green.

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Odd Night Terror by Mandoodle

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Hyperbole and a Half Has a Nightmare

One of my favourite web comics, on the subject of nightmares. As usual, pretty darn good. Go read it! The Scariest Story by Allie at Hyperbole and a Half

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Night Terror by Gabriella Karin Jonsson

Night Terror from © Gabriella Karin Jonsson on Vimeo. Gabriellas vision is terrifying because it feels so familiar. I especially like the sound, and the real-yet-not feeling of the film.

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ArthuriusRex Night Terror From Hell

I’ve had pavor for as long as I can remember, but I only learned that such a condition exists a few years ago. One of the first things I found when I started googling was this film on YouTube. This is very much like my own night terrors: I often use my blanket to protect […]

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