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Dreaming of turtles…

This is weird: I decide to check in with my hibernating night-terror blog to moderate some spammy trackbacks, and I find this draft entitled “Dreaming of turtles…” in the post list. There is just those words: nothing else, and I don’t remember writing them. I vaguely do remember dreaming of turtles – lots of them […]

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Ok, full disclosure: I suck at blogging, so sometimes months will go by without any posts. sorry about that. I started this blog for many reasons,  none of which I now remember. It seems like such a long time ago: such a lot has happened since. When I started this blog it was winter and […]

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(click for full size) I have recently been spared visits by The Sisimizi, but they were a common source of nightly terror a while back. The Sisimizi are a breed of malevolent and very tiny insects that infest my bed, crawling around and infusing it with nanoscale stingers that burn and paralyse. My wife often […]

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Visits from Dreamland

Dreams are weird things, especially slow-wave nightmares. My typical night terrors are closer to hallucinations than to REM-dreams. Instead of entering a dream-land, the dream-land comes to me where I lie barely asleep in bed. I am not transported elsewhere, like in a normal dream, instead my room and bed are augmented – or perhaps […]

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A little jingle called Pavor

Sometimes when I’ve had a bad dream I find it hard to go back to sleep. I’ll wake up in the livingroom, clutching my soaked bedsheet, confused, adrenaline pumping. One late night I made this little … song? I make lots of throwaway snips of music, but for some reason I saved this one under […]

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Welcome to Pavor Nocturnus

I suffer from night terrors. I often wake up — minutes after finally falling asleep — screaming, choking, panicked. Maybe I’ll tell you about some of the creatures that live under my bed, if you dare. A couple of years ago I registered this domain, not knowing quite what to do with it. One naïve […]

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