Night Terror by Gabriella Karin Jonsson

Night Terror from © Gabriella Karin Jonsson on Vimeo.

Gabriellas vision is terrifying because it feels so familiar. I especially like the sound, and the real-yet-not feeling of the film.

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  • How interesting! My experiences are totally different. My terrors involved humanoids (human shaped beings). Have you tried talking to your nano-friends? Conversing with the terror can be difficult, appear almost impossible because of the level of fear one engages with. But it helps changing the entire projection. I was able to change the outlook on my “terrors” so far until now (and it has lasted for years) by bringing up the courage (by being angry with the intruder) to converse with the “being”. Conjuring up anger on my part made it possible for me to fuel my will to converse beyond it being suffocated by the immense fear. Have you tried anything alike?

    • So far the conversation has been one-sided: I scream “no no no no no no nooo”. They go about their business of being a nuisance. The nano-insects are not the only visitors, but the threat is rarely humanoid. I like the suggestion of taking control by conversing, and this is definitely something I’ll try.