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I have recently been spared visits by The Sisimizi, but they were a common source of nightly terror a while back. The Sisimizi are a breed of malevolent and very tiny insects that infest my bed, crawling around and infusing it with nanoscale stingers that burn and paralyse. My wife often reminds me of an episode where I sat in bed, frantically trying to brush the critters from the sheets, speaking incoherently (as I usually do) about nano-insects.

Small insects don’t sound all that bad, compared to demons and snakes, but the nano-dreams are terrifying in a different way. Imagine being assaulted by a clingy mist of soot that moves like a seething mass of toxic intelligence. Then imagine this horde biting and stinging you as you lie helpless in bed.

I wonder if there are others who dream of The Sisimizi?

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  • kaela

    i have! i occasionally get night terrors. i woke up to tons of tiny insects crawling all over the ceiling and walls. i get up, walk up to the light switch and turn on the lights. they are still there. i look down and wipe a bunch off my chest. my boyfriend was awake in the other room and come to me and asked me what was wrong – that’s when all the bugs disappeared and i woke up. :)

    • Hi Kaela! I almost wrote “I’m glad I’m not alone” – but ants in the bed isn’t very nice so I hope your bed stays ant-free in the future!

      Have you had night terrors about insects a lot, or just once?