Ok, full disclosure: I suck at blogging, so sometimes months will go by without any posts. sorry about that. I started this blog for many reasons,  none of which I now remember. It seems like such a long time ago: such a lot has happened since.

When I started this blog it was winter and I had been on sick leave for depression for a week. Learning how to make a WordPress theme and blogging about night terrors seemed like a great idea, since I already had the domain and hosting. I was also sleeping terribly, spending most nights haunting the net, not daring or wanting to go to bed and having multiple night terrors when I finally did. 

The only problem with the blogging plan was that after describing a few of  my nightmares, the subject was kind of exhausted. So was I. I had truble concentrating for long enough to write anything, and spent my days listlessly watching tv. 

Now, three months later, things are better. I’m still not back to working full time, but things are less bleak and I’m also sleeping a lot better. That may be bad news for a blog about Pavor Nocturnus: no juicy accounts of recent unspeakable horrors to blog about.

That said, I do enjoy writing, and the subject of night terrors is interesting. I’m sure there will be long periods of radio silence on this blog, but every once in a while something will get found, written and posted. So tune your dreamcatchers to my feed for intermittent transmissions of stuff sort of related to night terrors.

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  •  Oh, and one more thing in the vein of full disclosure: this post came about because I am messing around with my shiny new iPad. I didn’t sleep much this night because I was mesmerized by my new toy: Flipbook in particular. Not very good for an insomniac like me… just as I was beginning to get into a good sleeping rhythm. I’ll have to be really disciplined with this thing…